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Seastarz Specialises in 1:1 tuition & is Dedicated to Teaching  Babies & Children to Swim Confidently and Safely in Our Pool or Yours! Including those with Special Needs.

Swimming Lessons



Water-babies is our unique Baby Sensory Class, available in school hours, it offers babies a wonderfully calm and safe introduction to water & floating. By using sensory toys, and a slow calming technique we allow them to relax and develop an affinity with the water. Available for those aged 2-4 months old. Available at our indoor facility only.

From 4 months to 4 years children enter our Royal Life Saving 'Ducks' program. Available for group or private tuition. This teaches basic water safety skills, flotation and propulsive movements through the water, with a parent or carers assistance (up to 2.5yrs with parent/carer in the water). 

Learn to swim


Our Royal Life Saving certified 'Swim and Survive' classes are designed for children aged 4yrs and over. Working at your child's pace, using toys and games to make lessons fun and interesting, recognised competitive strokes, survival strokes and rescue skills are taught and a lifelong love of swimming & water safety fostered. these classes can be group or private tuition.

Private Lessons


Private Tuition can be booked at our Joondalup Swim School or, during the Summer months, our instructors can come to you and teach lessons in the convenience of your home pool.

Beginner's class

Does your child have an additional need? Seastarz has experience with a range of issues, including those on the Autistic Spectrum, Down's Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy. We tailor lessons to your childs needs, not your child to our program!.
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